Student Hip Hop Organization is Coming to Arts Everywhere Day!

Hey y’all!


Only 4 more days until Arts Everywhere Day! In order to get ready for the big day, we thought it would be great for you to get to know some of our student groups that will be putting on performances for you all!

Today, we are spotlighting Nicho Stevens (’19), one of the Co-Presidents of Student Hip Hop Organization (SHHO) on campus.


The Q&A

How did SHHO get started?

In the fall of 2016, the founding executive board began its mission to establish SHHO on campus. By the spring of 2017 SHHO was officially registered with the university marking its inaugural semester. The founding board (Co-Presidents – Nicho Stevens, Jemal Abdulhadi; Vice President – Ti Grant; Treasurer – Noah Somaratne; Historian – Danny Cullum) was motivated by a common passion for hip hop and to create a space where hip hop enthusiasts could come together and express their love for the culture.

We all felt that hip hop had become such a prominent aspect of US culture but found it interesting that there was no organization geared toward fostering a community of hip hop lovers. As a result, we took it upon ourselves to found SHHO so that others who were like use would have a place to go and express their thoughts.


What do you hope to accomplish with SHHO?

Our mission is to foster a community of hip hop enthusiasts by encouraging the creation and appreciation of hip hop music and culture. We want to inspire those who are interested in making music to pursue their creative passions and develop their talents. On the other hand, we also strive to foster productive conversations around hip hop culture, exploring how its interrelated with important aspects of society.


What is your favorite event that SHHO puts on/performs/hosts?

Personally, my favorite events that we have hosted has been our two panels. Last fall we hosted our “Where’s the Silver Lining” panel, in which we discussed how some of the negative aspects that appear in hip hop affect the culture – such as misogyny, explicit language, and drug use. Our second panel focused on hip hop as an agent of social change, relating the music to important social movements. I enjoyed these panels because the discussion was productive and in depth. We were able to dive into both the positive and negative


What are you most excited about for this year’s Arts Everywhere Day?

I am most excited to see the other performances that happen around campus. I am thrilled for our performance as well, but I always enjoy seeing other campus groups showcase their talent. I am hoping that Arts Everywhere Day will inspire everyone on campus to pursue their creative passion and express themselves through the arts.


You can find SHHO performing in the pit at 12:45 pm in the pit on Friday. See you there!


Written By:

Bri Charles ’20