Arts Everywhere Day: Coming April 7th!

Hey y’all!


What’s New With Arts Everywhere!

With us already half way through spring semester, the dreary spring semester slump may be getting you down, but fear not! Arts Everywhere day is almost upon us!


On April 7th, prepare yourself to be awed, transformed, and uplifted as you are exposed to all the different artistic facets of the Carolina community.



My Favorite Part About Arts Everywhere

My favorite part of Art Everywhere Day is how it opens our eyes to all the creative things happening in and around campus that students aren’t aware of on a day to day basis. The best aspect of Arts Everywhere Day is how much it surprises you; sure we all know a couple people on campus who are seemingly more artistically inclined than the rest of us, but with Arts Everywhere Day, its as if the entire campus manifests this creative spirit and allows it to shine. From acapella groups, to dance troups. From fashion fiends, to painting geniuses, there is something for everyone to enjoy.



I loved experiencing Arts Everywhere Day last year, and am honored to help organize it this year.


Would you like to help?

There are numerous ways to get involved. Hit up the Arts Ambassadors, a group on campus helping set up some amazing pop-ups for our Carolina community. Loved the pianos last year? Wished you could have painted one? Now’s your chance! Click here to submit a proposal to paint one of our 10 pianos this year.



See you out and about on campus April 7th!


Written By:

Bri Charles ’20