Arts Everywhere is a comprehensive initiative at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to make the arts a fundamental part of the University culture and daily campus life. Established in 2016, the initiative is built on a model of programming through partnerships. By collaborating with a variety of departments, units, and organizations, we can leverage our collective strengths in order to embed creative expression, live arts experiences, and arts learning into students’ Carolina education.

Arts Everywhere believes the arts unlock our fullest potential and can generate new knowledge, develop citizen leaders, embrace differences, and catalyze economic development. Arts Everywhere supports students’ pursuit of meaningful, fulfilling lives by using the arts to help them imagine new possibilities and foster the creative mindset required to solve the world’s most complex problems.


Arts Everywhere embeds the arts into daily life at Carolina through campus and community partnerships that establish innovative programs which promote artistic expression, live arts experiences, and learning through the arts.


Arts Everywhere harnesses the unique power of the arts as a universal language to inspire original ideas and provoke change.

Guiding Principles

  • The arts are for everyone.
  • The arts create and share new meaning.
  • Creative industries drive economic growth.
  • Experiencing wonder sparks exploration.
  • Every space can be a creative space.