Vera sits on a car as she paints

Vera Weinfield

MFA Artist-in-Residence, 2022-2023


My name is Vera Weinfield, I am an artist and an art educator. I studied painting for four years at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and since then I have lived and worked on art in many places including Texas, Mexico, Colombia, North Carolina and New York. For the past 5 years I have focused on community murals and narrative painting that deal with social justice issues connected to the communities I am living and working with. As an educator and community artist I am very excited to get to know the community at the Morrison and help facilitate art projects and foster a creative space.

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Phượng Duyên Hải Nguyễn

MFA Artist-in-Residence, 2020-2022


A second-year MFA student in the Department of Art & Art History, Phuong is excited to be the artist-in-residence at the Morrison Art Studio. Trained as a painter, her current practice has evolved to incorporate a variety of materials and techniques with a focus on embroidery and more recently, miniatures. Her works draw on her personal experiences and memories of being an immigrant, what it means to belong and how to carve out a space of her own.

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Alena Mehic

MFA Artist-in-Residence, 2019-2020


Alena Mehic was born in Zavidovići, Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1995 and immigrated to Nashville, Tennessee with her family in 1997. In May 2017, she completed her BFA in Studio Art from Middle Tennessee State University. Her work researches historical literary and media material from her homeland. Through paintings, prints and drawings, her practice examines the discomfort from cultural displacement experienced by those in the diaspora and the complex generational ideologies with pre-war Yugoslavia. She is currently an MFA Studio Art candidate in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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