Creative Interruptions


An ongoing series of ephemeral experiences, performances, and installations will pop up in centers of activity and underutilized spaces — from dining halls and athletic facilities to stairwells and green spaces.

Intramural Arts


Similar to intramural sports, we want to implement a robust program that supports all students’ engagement with the arts regardless of background or skill level.

Public Art


By incorporating art in unexpected places, we can illuminate cutting-edge research and foster social connectivity. Picture public art advancing sustainability efforts or synthesizing the intersection of art, science, and technology.

Spaces to Create and Reflect


A world-class university needs world-class spaces to make, collaborate and learn. It is critical that we invest in our facilities; additional funds will help us repair, remediate, and expand our classrooms, studios, museums, and performing spaces.

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Welcome to Carolina


From an expanded arts presence at orientation to a reimagined Franklin Street entrance, this is a comprehensive effort to make the arts a central part of how students, visitors, and community members are welcomed to Carolina.