The Program

To engage students in the arts, regardless of their background or skill level, we partnered with our colleagues in the Department of Art and Art History and Carolina Housing, to pilot an intramural arts studio in Morrison Residence Hall. This ground-breaking art studio provides students, staff, and faculty a space to create and all the supplies you could need to see your imagination come to life.

In addition to providing access, no-cost supplies, and free workshops and programming, the Morrison Art Studio is run by an MFA Artist-in-Residence, who is supported by a year-long fellowship. This fellowship provides full tuition and benefits from the Art and Art History Department, a free one-bedroom apartment in Morrison Dorm provided by Carolina Housing, a $14,000 stipend and yearly supplies budget from Arts Everywhere, and a private artist studio within the larger Morrison Art Studio.

Student Reflection

Sophomore Eden Teichman from Charleston, a Religious Studies major with a minor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, reflected on her experiences as an Assistant Studio Manager during her first month.

“It feels really empowering to work at a place I have so much respect for…Every week I look forward to working at the Morrison Art Studio. People come to the Morrison Art Studio for all different reasons: to work on a project with friends in an artistic way, to give themselves a break from the rigorous schedule of a UNC student, or to paint an actual gallery-worthy piece of art. But every person who comes into the art studio does share one thing in common – they all love and rave about what an amazing resource the Morrison Art Studio has become in their lives. Most of the people I’ve met at the studio come back often or even become regulars during my shift. Once people realize how easy it is to just walk in and paint something for an hour as their “me” time of the day or week, it’s hard to resist not painting all the time, and as a result, many people have become friends at the studio.”

“As an artistic person myself, I realized that this outlet has done wonders for my mental health and happiness. Many people find going to the gym to be an outlet for self-care, but those more artistic have been itching for an outlet as convenient and accessible as this one. Every day as I walk into my dorm or leave my dorm, I always check out the art studio and am always happy to see that there are students enjoying the studio just as much as I do! It’s especially exciting to see that the studio is very busy weekends, as this shows that people not only find this studio important to work on projects or as a destresser, but as a Friday night event with friends!”

“To put it simply, I really love the Morrison Art Studio…I only have good things to say, as I believe this art studio was the best implementation, and very needed. Prior to this, the only way people knew to be artistic was through personal means and money or by committing to a club, which could be selective; but with the studio, anyone of any level can do art whenever they want. Incredible.”

Join us and take part. Make art.