Spice Up Your Summer with the Arts Everywhere App!

Summer So Far

Hey Everyone! I hope your summers are going well!

Or does it need something more?

Is Summer Missing Something?

Are you looking for something to drag you out of summer hibernation? To spice up the afternoons after you get off work? Help you cool down after a couple of wild summer nights? Get the kids out of the house? Escape from those grinding summer classes?

I have the solution.

Drumroll please…

The Solution

Check out the Arts Everywhere App!

We’ve updated the app with lots of lively and exciting arts events going on this summer. They range from weekly, five-dollar yoga classes to a portrait lab with artist Danielle Durchslag! From preteen drawing classes to a Photography Competition with UNC Global studies! The university is also setting up exhibitions all during the summer; you could be the first to see them.

So, the next time you pop by the campus to visit or start feeling bored with the campus summer lull in your summer apartment, tap open the Arts App (or download it if you haven’t already at getartseverywhere.com).

I promise you, it’s a game changer.


Keep it artsy, (That sounds so corny)
Madison Logan ‘21