Why I Love Winter Break

Winter break has ended and Tarheels are back on campus.

Welcome back guys!


What Winter Break is Actually Like

I never understood why college students loved winter break so much until I joined their ranks. Winter break is one of the few times in your college career you can be unproductive, best friends with sleep, and a sloth.

I’m pretty sure some of us broke world records with our sleep times…

[Announcer] “And the world record goes to David, who slept for seventeen hours straight, woke up to eat a midnight snack, mumble polite greetings to family, and then slept for another ten!” [Crowd cheers]


Winter Break for Productive People

There are others of us who refuse to pause, rushing around with to-do lists that we absolutely will finish before the New Year breaches the horizon. The perfect start for a new year!

I thought I was one of those get-her-dunners.


My To-do List

1. Find Internships.

2. Apply for internships

3. Learn a little Spanish

4. Purchase new supplies


What I Did

1. Sleep

2. Eat

3. Watched Telenovelas with subtitles

4. Sleep

5. Sleeep…


What’s Arts Everywhere doing Now?

So, back to the subject of arts, what’s Arts Everywhere got planned for the new year? I’m here to tell you! Get out your pen and paper and write… Who am I kidding? Get your phone out and type the following down so you don’t forget!


Arts Everywhere App Launch!!! [Whoop whoop!!] The Arts Everywhere App comes out January 22nd! Don’t miss it!


Arts Everywhere Website Launch!!! [If you’re reading this it already happened lol]


Arts Everywhere Pop-Up PERFORMANCES!!! [Yes, I’m being extra excited with all caps]. Keep your eyes peeled and your snap-chats ready!


ARTS EVERYWHERE DAY!!! [Crowd roars and stands to their feet]


I can’t wait for you to experience these! And back at the Arts Everywhere headquarters we’ve got even more planned. If you want to keep your ear to the ground, follow us on social media @artseverywhere [shameless promo…].


See ya later,


Madison ’21