Call For Proposals- The Center for Galapagos Studies Sculpture

The following post can be found in PDF format here: CGS Request for Proposals – Extended Deadline


Arts Everywhere & UNC’s Center for Galapagos Studies

Arts Everywhere and the Center for Galapagos Studies are seeking design proposals for sculptures in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Center for Galapagos Studies. The sculptures will engage with the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill and the surrounding community and should follow specific themes and guidelines listed below.

The Center for Galapagos Studies (CGS) is UNC-Chapel Hill’s managing unit for the Galapagos Initiative. The initiative is designed to foster research, education, and outreach programs with the larger goals of advancing conservation efforts in the Galapagos and promoting a better understanding of ecologically sensitive and protected areas worldwide. In 2022, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the construction of the Galapagos Science Center–the only institution of its kind in the Galapagos archipelago.

Arts Everywhere is a comprehensive initiative at UNC-Chapel Hill to make the arts a fundamental part of University culture and daily campus life. Collaborating with diverse departments, units, and organizations, they strive to embed creative expression, live arts experiences, and arts learning into students’ Carolina education.

Application Deadline EXTENDED:
Friday, May 7, 2021, at midnight (12:00 am ET)

About the Project:

The objective of this project is to create a piece of human-sized art (4-7 feet) with recycled and sustainable materials that represent and celebrate the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. A long list of wildlife includes the blue-footed booby, Galapagos tortoise, sea turtle, marine iguana, Darwin finch, scalloped hammerhead, Galapagos fur seal, Galapagos penguin, red-footed booby, whale shark, sally lightfoot crab, flightless cormorant, waved albatross, frigate bird, and Nasca booby.

The project budget should exceed no more than $3,500 to cover artist/design fees and supplies. We would encourage artists submitting proposals to consider how they might engage with UNC-Chapel Hill students either in the fabrication and/or installation process or in related programming.

How to Apply:

Please submit the following as one .pdf file attachment in an email to

  • Artistic resume
  • One page proposal describing the design concept with a brief explanation of how it relates to the themes described above
  • 3-5 examples of previous work of a similar style


This call is open to all artists in North Carolina. Artists of Ecuadorian and South American descent or local to the Research Triangle are especially encouraged to apply. Candidates must be professional artists, designers, or fabricators or partnered with professional artists, designers, or fabricators, eligible to work in the United States, and age 18 and older. UNC-Chapel Hill alumni are encouraged to apply. Artists are responsible for transportation of the sculpture to Chapel Hill and must be available to help coordinate and oversee the installation of the sculpture.

Selection Process:

After the April 16 deadline, the following month will be dedicated to narrowing down top candidates to meet with the selection committee (likely via Zoom) to discuss design concepts and how student involvement might be factored into the process. The final candidates will be notified by August 2, 2021.

Approximate Timeline:

  • May 7 – Submission Deadline
  • June/July 2021- The selection committee meets with top candidates
  • August 2, 2021 – The selected artists are notified
  • August – December 2021 – Designs are finalized and fabricated
  • Spring Semester 2022 – Sculpture installations

This timeline is approximate and is subject to change.


The proposed location for these sculptures is subject to change but includes both indoor and outdoor locations across UNC-Chapel Hill and the surrounding community. Consideration of materials that might withstand significant time out in the elements is encouraged.

Please email with any additional questions or concerns not addressed in the proposal above.

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