UNC Research Mural by Britt Flood

In Spring 2021 Arts Everywhere teamed up with UNC Research to brighten up the wall in UNC Research’s office space. The idea was to create a mural that would celebrate the many facets and advancements of UNC Research and reflect the life-changing work researchers do at UNC under the strategic priorities of the research enterprise, its global and local impact, and/or connections back to main campus.

The selection committee chose artist Britt Flood who designed and installed the mural in Fall 2021, bringing UNC Research’s vision to life. We spoke to Flood to learn a little bit more about her thought process behind the mural!

What drew you to apply for this mural?

I have not created a mural in Chapel Hill yet and was honored to be selected as the contributing artist for this project.

What’s your inspiration for the mural? 

The sense of light and hope we get from others.

How did you combine your aesthetic with UNC Research’s strategic priorities? 

The intersection of the double helix overlaid over the hands as an ode to Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ best combined UNC Research’s goals for the piece and allowed my gestural style to come through.

Does your mural have a title? What is the meaning behind it? 

This piece does not have a title, the focal point of the piece is the light emitting from the connecting hands and helix, which is meant to visualize the spark of impact and meaningful work conducted by UNC Research.

Do you have a favorite part of the mural? 

I love how it splashes over onto a second wall to elongate the composition and how the colors have completely transformed the space!

All photos are courtesy of Flood. Learn more and see more of Flood’s work at https://www.brittflood.com/ or follow her on Instagram.

The UNC research mural can be found at the Office of UNC Research at Carolina Square.