Short Story UNC Erasure Poem Challenge

Short Story UNC is running an Erasure Poem challenge! Create your own erasure using one of the short stories printed from the dispensers and you could have your piece featured AND win a $20 gift card to Epilogue Books! Deadline to submit is April 21st.

What’s an Erasure Poem?

  • An erasure poem is made by erasing words from an existing text so that the remaining words form a poem

How do I participate?

  • Find a short story dispenser and print a story
  • Create your own erasure
  • Post a picture of your erasure to social media and tag or DM Short Story UNC on Twitter of Instagram

Where can I print a story?

As of April 1st, dispensers can be found at the locations below. For the most up to date locations, go to the Short Story UNC accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

Other questions? Email or send a message to Short Story UNC on Twitter or Instagram