Reflections on the Morrison Art Studio Community Mural

We are incredibly excited to share the final version of the Morrison Art Studio Community Mural with you! Leading up to this year’s Arts Everywhere Day, Morrison Art Studio has been collecting and curating YOUR pieces, selfies, and pictures for a special commemorative virtual that celebrates our community. Thank you to everyone who participated and added their visual reflection to the mural!

View the final mural below and read through some of the anonymously submitted reflections from our contributors.

The Mural

collage created by Morrison Art Studio community
Morrison Art Studio Community Mural


  • “I wanted to enter a piece into a local Art Contest for the first time individually. Since I just had this random piece started from practicing oil paintings, I decided to finish it and turn it into the contest. Although the girl was randomly found, I found her natural shadows and highlights to be perfect for the piece. Each facial feature I finished motivated me to keep going until I finally finished. Surprisingly, I came out with Third Place! It was such an amazing experience and had inspired me to keep going with Art.”
  • “I was inspired by nature when creating my Trippy Flower painting, merging my love for nature with an abstract depiction of it. I wanted to explore color and shape, but also emphasize how energy radiates from nature and can serve as a positive reinforcement in our lives!”
  • “A very typical waiting at the bus stop in winter selfie; fogged glasses, 2 layers of headband, and a lace edged mask. Trying to put my own twist on the necessary.
  • “I made a bunch of different “Dance with Masks!” paintings and left them in communities for people to find and keep. I hope these art drops brought a bit of joy into someone’s life.”
  • “It’s a work in progress, a tatted lace doily called Coronavirus doily. It was designed in early March of 2020 and I’m still working on it. Tatting during meetings and online classes helps me concentrate (my own kind of fidget spinner).Tatting a doily named & designed for the pandemic helps me feel a little in control and injecting a little humor into the situation.”
  • “During the pandemic I’ve found that nature has inspired me to be positive so I tackled drawing elephants and it gave me great peace and joy and I hope it will for you also.”
  • “Backyard beauty during virtual work mode”
  • “These hummingbirds have been returning to this area for years and we just saw the first return for 2021! They give me hope and inspiration each year upon their return.”

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