Featured Fellow: Vera Weinfield

Vera Weinfield (she/her), a first-year MFA student in the Department of Art & Art History, is also Arts Everywhere’s Studio Assistant for Morrison Art Studio. We recently spoke with her to find out more about our talented fellow.

Read the Q&A below to learn about her artistic journey, her work at Morrison Art Studio, and some quick fun facts about her. After you check out the amazing works that she shared with us for this feature, be sure to visit her website for more inspiration.   

Questions for Vera

Tell us how you got involved in art and a little about your art.

I’ve always made things. When I was a kid I would create installations in my room using dolls and old clothes and cardboard boxes or whatever I could get my hands on. Now I mostly paint and sculpt. It actually feels pretty connected to what I did as a kid. 

What attracted you to your art medium of murals and painting?

I love that murals are part of the community and environment they are in. The murals I have worked on are very collaborative, combining many different artists and community members’ perspectives, ideas, and styles. 

Mural of people wearing masks and working, bicycling, or grilling on a bridge.

“The Bridge” 2020

How do you set a creative mood for yourself/get in the zone?

Sometimes I pick a song or an album to listen to that feels relevant to what I’m working on. Sometimes I just draw until I hit on a good idea or feeling. Sometimes I look at other artists’ work that inspires me. Often, I take a walk and look around me. 

Have you faced any obstacles in reaching where you are today? What were they, and how did you work around or overcome them?

I am lucky that the only obstacles I have had have come from inside me. If you really want to make art, you make it a priority, and you create a lifestyle that helps you make art. Sometimes that means spending money on paint but not the latest iPhone or whatever. Or using recycled materials instead of buying expensive new ones. 

Advice for those who want to get into art but don’t have much experience?

Anyone can make art. But like any other skill, it takes a lot of work and practice, it’s not magic. You have to be willing to put some time into it. 

Mural of someone thinking, volcano and piano in background.

“Creo Creo” 2021 with Los Muralistas de El Puente

Working at Morrison Art Studio

Tell us a little bit about what you do as the MFA Morrison Studio Art Assistant.

As MFA Morrison Studio Art Assistant I organize our supplies, keep the space clean, help people with any projects they might want assistance on, and hopefully will be leading some workshops in the future. 

Hopes for the future for Morrison Art Studio?  

I love how much people use the space! It’s often really busy in there. I would like to see people coming back regularly to finish their art and keep improving!

Favorite part of the job?

I love it when people want to show me their art and have any questions! 

Speed round!

Favorite piece of art you created?

I finished a mural this summer with an organization called Los Muralistas de El Puente, about housing justice. The mural circles around 4 walls and has so many powerful ideas, images, and information.  

Mural with colorful paintings of houses and people protesting.

“Housing INterSECTionality” 2022 with Los Muralistas de El Puente

Mural featuring people looking at tenant bill of rights, an eviction notice, and a stopwatch of 1902 to now.

“Housing INterSECTionality” 2022 with Los Muralistas de El Puente

Favorite piece of art you didn’t create?

In Sienna, Italy there is a giant fresco called The Allegory of Good And Bad Government. This fresco inspired me to start painting political murals.

Biggest mural to date? 

Hmmm. Maybe 150 sq ft.

Current favorite artist?

Paula Rego

One word you would use to describe your art?


One word you would use to describe your personality?


Favorite color?



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