Fall 2022 Short Story UNC’s Resident Writers

Maude Kneale, Cynthia Liu, and Helena Walsh are the Fall 2022 Resident Writers at Short Story UNC! 

Through the fall semester, the short story machine in Davis Library will exclusively dispense stories from these three student authors. And on October 18 at 7:30 pm, join Short Story UNC at Epilogue for a special reading as these three residency authors will be sharing selections from their work!

Learn more about these talented writers and their interests below. 

Portrait of Maude Kneale

Maude Kneale

Maude Kneale is a junior studying English and Philosophy. She enjoys exploring the deeper meanings and hidden virtues of the mundane within her writing. The ultimate goal of her work is to expose the lessons (as well as beauty) that can be found in ordinary moments. When not writing, you can find her spending time in the Blue Ridge mountains with family and eccentrically named pets.

Portrait of Cynthia Liu

Cynthia Liu

Cynthia Liu is a senior from Morrisville studying visual journalism, French, and English. Her work has been published in Cellar Door, Arts Everywhere, AAJA, NCAAT, and Hearst. She is a big fan of Mary Oliver, em dashes, and sitting in coffee shops at all hours.

Portrait of Helena Walsh

Helena Walsh

Helena Walsh is a junior from the UK majoring in Global Studies & History with a minor in Creative Writing. In her work, she explores the wide, wide plains of belonging via pint-sized licks at childhood, homeland, nature’s whimsy, dysmorphia, America, and love. Driven by a contagious love for sound and form (and constant attempts to spread such enthusiasm to many as exasperated ear), she writes and lives similarly to most poets of her generation – with Heaney in her ear, Limón in her head, and Gay in her heart.

Returning for a second year, the Short Story UNC residency gives up to three UNC students writing in any genre or combination of genres the opportunity to “occupy” one of the dispensers for a month during the upcoming fall semester, filling the machine exclusively with writing by residents. Selected writers work with the SSUNC editorial team to curate a vibrant collection of their short stories, essays, poems, experiments, pensées, manifestos, provocations, journal entries, epigrams, aphorisms, quotes, gems, etc. At the end of the residency, Short Story UNC will host a reading party to celebrate the writers’ work.

Join Short Story UNC at Epilogue on October 18 at 7:30 pm as these three residency authors will be reading selections from their work!