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Masters Falls: An Immersive Descent into a Divided American Future

March 20, 2021
7:30 pm


A play written by Mark Perry, Department of Dramatic Art

NEW DATE: March 20th & 21st

(part 1 will be presented both evenings)

The time is the near future, not quite a full generation from now. The setting is Masters Falls, a massive, indoor commercial and entertainment complex attached to a diversion dam along the Potomac River. Masters Falls is located quite near New Washington, also known as New Town. There is a train that runs frequently between the two, provided the track is unmolested. American life is quite different after the Agitation, but recognizable–the way a person who has been through a serious, life-altering accident is recognizable.

Co-sponsored by the Department of Dramatic Art. *Part of The Faculty Series

“Masters Falls is kind of like that dystopian Netflix series you binge watch because it has a unique angle on what might become of the United States of America. The difference is it is crafted especially for the stage, and it offers a glimpse of the redeemability of our intelligence, both human and artificial. The journey of our redemption, however, will take us through the fever dream of American exceptionalism with Dante and The Doors as some of our guides.”

– Mark Perry