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John and June Allcott Gallery: Abraham O. Oghobase, Land/Min(e)dscapes

October 1, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


In Land/Min(e)dscapes, Abraham O. Oghobase presents work from an ongoing engagement with land, history, and representation. In 2016, traveling alone and equipped with his camera, Oghobase’s movements across the bare grasslands and ancient rock formations of the Jos, Plateau in north-central Nigeria were unplanned and intuitive. The photographs produced are evidence of various aspects of this spontaneous dialogue with the natural environment scarred by past and present human mining pursuits. The scenes have been further reimagined over five years of Oghobase engaging and experimenting with materiality and form in his practice, most recently through an evolving abstract language combining photocopy, collage, and repetition. New forms and landscapes emerge in the process, speaking to the freedom and agency the artist has found in discarding the weighty burden of history and navigating the world on his own terms.