Arts Everywhere Day 2021 Performances

Enjoy all the featured performances from Arts Everywhere Day 2021: “Reflections: Within & Beyond” below! See the full schedule of events¬†and view more details on the performers.

UNC Flying Silk: “Introspection”

Selections from UNC Pauper Players

First Fridays: Celebrating the Music of Florence Price and William Grant Still


A Medium Metamorphosis by Kenan Poole

Context when viewing the art installation

  • Zeus visited earth, specifically Arcadia. At this time, he showed signs that he was a god. The people praised and gave offerings to Zeus. Lycaon, the Arcadian King, decided to test if this visitor truly was a god or a mortal. Lycaon killed and cooked a human to serve the visitor as the test. As soon as Lycaon served Zeus, Zeus revealed his avenging thunderbolt intending to punish Lycaon. Zeus used this encounter to justify turning Lycaon into a wolf and later to justify the use of a flood to wipe the human race.

Experience the art installation!

Some Kind of Universe


Sergio Mauritz Ang

Anthony August

Tori Jewell

Khalil LeSaldo

AhDream Smith

Omolade Wey