A place for expression: Morrison Art Studio

Morrison Art Studio, a groundbreaking space located on the bottom floor of Morrison Residence Hall, provides students and all members of the campus community an opportunity to unleash their inner artist. The first of its kind, the Morrison Art Studio was created in 2018 in partnership with Carolina Housing, the Department of Art and Art History, and Arts Everywhere. Together with our partners, we envisioned a space where, at students’ doorsteps, creative potential can be unleashed.

Read the Q&A and watch the video below to learn why Morrison Art Studio is a place that Rohan (UNC ’25) always schedules time for!

Rohan holds up a collage that he created in Morrison Art Studio
Rohan at Morrison Art Studio (photo by Haley Houser, Carolina Housing)

Q: In a few words, please tell us why you love coming to the Studio!

A: I love coming to the Studio because it is a quiet space for me to exercise all my worrying and fear surrounding classes that I normally bottle up into creating works of art that I can then take home and surround myself with.

Q: Are you working on any particular projects in the Studio?

A: Yes, I’m making a lot of multi-medium/collagesque art to decorate the walls of my dorm room/represent the different facets of my identity (racial, sexual orientation, intersectionalities, Americanness, etc)!

Q: Has your interaction with the programs and resources sponsored by the Morrison Art Studio helped you be successful at Carolina this year? If yes, in what ways?

A: Yes, it has been a space for me to destress and let loose of the academic anxiety I experience at times.

Video by Melanie Busbee